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How I passed SharePoint 2010 exam 70-667 (Part 3 of 4)

​​​Looking for the downloadable PDF? Click here​.

As I explained in the introduction to part one, the blog is published retrospectively and (aside from correcting the odd typo) I haven’t made any changes to my original revision notes so as to ensure I don’t violate the Microsoft NDA that all exam candidates must sign. As such, you might notice the odd error or missing section (in particular you will notice that there are very few notes on Sandboxed Solutions). This is deliberate, although I would appreciate a comment if you notice any glaring mistakes so as to prevent misinformation. Continue reading

Web [Application] limits in SP2010 – keep it low!

I have seen a number of queries over the past couple of months around Web app and application pool limitations in the context of SharePoint 2010. Whilst most SharePoint administrators are aware of the Microsoft recommended application pool limit documented on Technet (10 per farm), Microsoft don’t appear to publish any “magic numbers” around the suggested Web app limit. Continue reading

NTLM’s dependency on HTTP keep-alives (another cause of the dreaded 401.1 error)

This post involves a look into Microsoft’s proprietary NT LAN manager (NTLM) and its dependency on HTTP keep alives.

The client in this “tale” reported that their SharePoint site was available over the Internet via their proxy server (in this case ISA Server 2006), but not from within the server farm. In this scenario, they were attempting to use K2 to provide workflow based business logic to their SharePoint 2007 site – and repeatedly getting a HTTP 401.1 error (Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials). Continue reading

My SPSUK 2010 notes – beyond the slides

After a rather busy weekend at Birmingham (SUGUK) and Nottingham (to visit an old friend), I figured it was about time I shared the notes that I made whilst at the UK’s first ever SharePoint Saturday. If you attended the event, you may have spotted me at the front row of most IT PRO sessions frantically scribbling notes and bashing out Twitter messages on my <popular multi-touch tablet>. If you didn’t manage to make it along to the event, I hope these notes will prove useful. Continue reading