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Content DB sizing support in SharePoint 2010 SP1: the 50,000 ft view

11/07/2011 Update:I have had some feedback around this article that made me realise that I inadvertently​ gave RBS a bit of a bashing. It’s a useful technology that – used in the right scenarios – can significantly improve maintainability and scalability. The main point of the RBS section was to debunk the myth that RBS provides a means of bypassing the [current] data sizing boundaries that Microsoft provide.

The recent post from the SharePoint Product Team blog on Data Storage Changes for SharePoint 2010 has caused quite a stir. Continue reading

How I passed SharePoint 2010 exam 70-667 (Part 3 of 4)

​​​Looking for the downloadable PDF? Click here​.

As I explained in the introduction to part one, the blog is published retrospectively and (aside from correcting the odd typo) I haven’t made any changes to my original revision notes so as to ensure I don’t violate the Microsoft NDA that all exam candidates must sign. As such, you might notice the odd error or missing section (in particular you will notice that there are very few notes on Sandboxed Solutions). This is deliberate, although I would appreciate a comment if you notice any glaring mistakes so as to prevent misinformation. Continue reading

Real world PowerShell usage in SharePoint 2010

Using PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 administration seems to be very fashionable these days. It’s faster and more powerful than STSADM, and is now the de facto standard for administration across the latest server products from Microsoft. Whilst I’m not going to quote a clichéd line about power and responsibility, I figured that it would be worth closing my VM’s SharePoint 2010 management shell for a few minutes and coming back down to earth for a level headed look at PowerShell, with some perspective on anticipated “real world” usage. Continue reading

Content Deployment in SharePoint 2010

Whilst reviewing the content for exam 70-667 (TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring) this evening, I came across a SharePoint 2010 topic that I haven’t previously covered in any great detail: Content Deployment​. Given that I wanted to recap the topic in advance of the exam anyway, I thought I would blog it in case anyone else in the SharePoint community is hoping to learn a little more about it. Note that content deployment is not new for SharePoint 2010 – it was present in MOSS, but I will be focussing on the 2010 implementation today. Continue reading