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December 01
I've passed SharePoint 2010, Configuring (70-667)

​I'm pleased to inform you that I took and passed the 70-667 SharePoint "IT PRO" "MCTS" exam today, scoring 966/1000.

Edit: by "IT PRO" I originally meant to draw a distinction between the admin / dev certifications but @jimmywim pointed out that this was somewhat misleading. I have corrected to read "MCTS" - cheers James!

For those that have not taken a Microsoft exam before (or recently), you are given a preliminary report which summarises your knowledge of each subject area - this is pretty useful when trying to identify areas for further development. Mine is below:

70-667 Preliminary Results Blurred.jpg

I will be following this up with a study guide for the exam (which is basically my revision notes). Obviously I can't include any of the questions from the exam as that would violate the NDA I signed - and significantly reduce the value of the certification.

One down, three to go! :-)


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 SharePoint tip of the day

At its core, SharePoint Foundation is a provisioning engineInside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
"STS" stands for "SharePoint Team Services"SharePoint 2010 Professional Administration
"vti" stands for Vermeer Technologies, Inc., the company that created FrontPageVarious sources
20 Web applications per SP2010 farm is a reasonable limitSpencer Harbars
The client-side object model was introduced in SharePoint 2010.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 projects must be configured to target .NET Framework 3.5Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 is 64-bit only, no exceptions.Technet
Never access the SharePoint configuration database or any of the content databases directly. Use the OM.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
The MSFT recommended limit of 10 applies to content application pools only, not service endpoints.Spencer Harbars
16 GB RAM is recommended for DB servers in medium sized SP2010 farms.Technet
Pre-grow SP2010 content databases for performance reasons.Technet
A SP2010 Standard FIS license is limited to a single AD domain and related
Blob caching cannot be used with host-named site collections.Stefan Goßner
Use an XML webpart with XSL to create a RSS feed viewer in SP2010 Foundation.Dux Raymond
Restoring a SharePoint config database is NOT supported, so ensure you document/backup your farm settings!Sean McDonough
Look after your SQL tempdb. It is used constantly!Michael Noel
Splitting your tempdb for performance should be based on physical - not virtual - CPU cores.Michael Noel
SQL Server 2008 R2 is strongly recommended over RTM for performance reasons.Michael Noel
Implement a 1:1 ratio of physical to virtual cores in your virtualised SP2010 farm for performance.Michael Noel
Microsoft BPOS represents a shift from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.Matt Groves
Following an upgrade to SP2010, you can still switch back to V3 visuals using PowerShell.Todd Klindt
A feature instance is what gets created when a user activates your feature definition.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
SharePoint creates feature instances with entries in either a content db or the config db depending upon feature activation scope.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
The only file that is required for every feature definition is the feature manifest file that must be named feature.xml.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
The 4 possible feature activation scopes are Web, Site, WebApplication and Farm.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
SharePoint does not allow two versions of a feature definition to be installed side by side within the same farm: Updated versions overwrite earlier versions.Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010
The only way to back up your AAM configuration is to document itSpencer Harbars
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