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ULSViewer.exe download (MSDN archive version)

17/09/2014 update: Microsoft have released a , which you might want to try instead of this one.

For reasons that are unknown to me, the has recently been taken down. That gallery contained ULSViewer.exe, a much-loved tool that no SharePoint guy or gal should be without. Although there are many versions of the tool out there in the wild, I believe this is the version originally created for Microsoft’s internal support teams by Dan Winter. I’m not sure if this is the “best” version as such, but it certainly works for me.

ULSViewer appears to be subject to the MSDN Code Gallery Binary License, meaning that we are free to install, use, copy and distribute the software. To my surprise, I couldn’t find the tool elsewhere online, so have uploaded it to this blog. Enjoy!

Download ULSViewer 2.0.3530.27850

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